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Speaker’s Introduction

Dr. Umut Fahrioglu is a senior board member at Counselomix and comes with a comprehensive experience in medical genetics and counselling. Besides having a PHD in human genetics & developmental biology, Dr. Fahrioglu has a masters degree in genetic counselling.

Event – 7th International Erciyes Medical Genetic Congress in Kayseri

Dr. Fahrioglu gave a talk on the globally state of genetic counselling practices in today’s genomic landscape. The event was focused on medical genetics & covered different issues related to it such as cancer, genetic syndromes, genetic conditions, most up-to-date genetic counselling practice guidelines and much more.


Dr. Fahrioglu highlighted the importance of genetic counselling and issues faced due NGS technologies. And the instrumental role Counselomix can play in changing lives through much needed impactful genetic counselling.

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