Infomed Consent


This Informed Consent reviews the benefits, risks and limitations of CounselomixTM services.
CounselomixTM is a telehealth service offered by Livewellgx International Pte. Ltd a Singapore based company working under the name LivewellgxTM  (Incorporated in Singapore, Address: 30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower, License number 202105640M), for the purpose of providing pre-test and post-test genetic and medical counselling. We operate online and offer our services globally in multiple languages.  CounselomixTM shall be referred to hereunder as “We” or “Us”. It also explains how your information will be used in connection with the services offered. Throughout this Informed Consent, “you”, “your”, “me”, “my”, and “I” refer to the person whose information is being provided for review by our team of counsellors. If you are a parent or guardian requesting a Consultation for a minor, “you” may also refer to “your child”, as contextually appropriate.

By proceeding with the request for a consultation, you confirm and acknowledge that:

  • You have read, understood, and agree to this Informed Consent.
  • Prior to proceeding with the Service and thereby agreeing to this Informed Consent, you (and your guardian or parent, as appropriate) may wish to speak with a healthcare provider about the Service.

What we collect and how it is used.

When you request a service, you will be asked to provide your Personal Health Information (PHI) and genetic/medical reports. In order for the service to perform as intended, you must provide accurate and correct information. If another person is submitting your PHI or related information on your behalf, by agreeing to this Informed Consent, you represent and warrant that such person is authorized to provide such information, and that all such information is accurate and correct. If you are providing personal information about your relatives, you also represent and warrant that you have obtained permission from such relatives to disclose such information to us.

Risks of the Services.

The services, based on the submission of your genetic/medical reports, may reveal, to you, sensitive information about your health, your personal traits, or potential risk for developing certain tested diseases or conditions. Depending on your country of residence, there may be significant differences in the laws and regulations governing the use and disclosure of genetic information, or there may not yet be any laws or regulations governing the use or disclosure of genetic information.

Limitations of the Services.

Analysis of results is based on currently available information in the medical literature and scientific databases, as well as laboratory informatics and algorithms that may be subject to change. New information may replace or add to the information that was used to analyze your results; which may result in changes in your risk assessment. You hereby irrevocably waive any and all claims against us for any amendment or modification of your genetic/medical reports, and the use of these reports in order to facilitate your counselling session.

Privacy and data security.

Your privacy is important to us. We comply with the applicable requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy). By agreeing to this Informed Consent you acknowledge that such laws and regulations regarding collection, use, and storage of your information shall govern our performance of the Service, even if they may differ from those of your country of residence.

You further agree that by providing your genetic/medical reports, you are not violating any data or other legal restriction in your country.

While we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse or loss of Information will never occur, we implement and frequently review certain physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your Information and to prevent information security incidents. In the event of a security incident or data breach, we will follow internal procedures to investigate the matter as well as comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Further details about our policies governing customer privacy and Information, including customer rights regarding such information, can be found at Privacy and cookie policy.

Use of your information

By agreeing to this Informed Consent, you also agree that your genetic/medical report, PHI, and counselling outcomes may be shared with any healthcare provider that you designate in writing.

With your consent, your genetic information, PHI, personal data, and results may also be de-identified, stored and used for internal quality control; validation studies; research and development; and in publications authored by us, either on our own or in collaboration with academic or commercial third parties (which publications may include, for example, blinded pedigree diagrams or de-identified family history).

Additional use of your Information.

You can opt out of the use of your de-identified genetic/medical report (if you have chosen to store it), genetic information, PHI, personal data, and results in our research with third party collaborators, and inclusion of such information in our research database by emailing us at [email protected].

Such third parties may include government, academic, or commercial third parties. We may engage in research with such third parties to develop new tests and inventions, or to validate and improve existing technologies or processes. You acknowledge and understand that we may receive financial compensation to conduct such research, which may include providing your de-identified data to such third parties.

You can opt out of such third-party research and our research database by contacting us at [email protected]. However, if you have enrolled in research and later decided to opt out, we cannot retract your de-identified data (if you have chosen to store it), genetic information, PHI, personal data, and/or results from research already performed, or from previous releases of our research database that have already been published, and/or results from research already performed, or from previous releases of our research database that have already been published.


The genetic/medical reports being provided are mine and I am at least 18 years of age, or if consenting for someone else, I have the legal authority to consent for such person whose data is being provided. If the data being provided is from someone under the age of 18, I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of such person.

I should not make any medical decisions or medication changes based on these results without speaking to my healthcare provider first. My healthcare provider remains ultimately responsible for all diagnosis and treatment decisions.

My doctor and I can speak with a  CounselomixTM genetic counselors at an additional charge.

I agree to the  CounselomixTM Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use) Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy & Cookies Policy, which are available at .

I confirm that all information provided is true and accurate. I agree that I have the authority to provide this consent. I understand that if I wish to withdraw consent, I may do so by contacting  CounselomixTM.