Service overview

A consultation with an experienced and licensed genetic counsellor, clinical dietitian, fitness or other subject matter experts exploring genetic factors associated with wellness.

Is this for you?

  • You have performed a wellness genetic test and would like to understand the results
  • You want to know how to optimise your lifestyle, diet and fitness regimen to match your genetic profile
  • You need guidance on how to manage your food sensitivities as per your genetic test results
  • You want to understand how to improve your immunity according to your genetic test results
  • You need advice on managing your fitness according to your genetic profile
  • You need professional advice on your skin and hair health according to your genetic profile
  • You want to understand your pharmacogenomics results
  • You are seeking professional counseling on a specific aspect of your genetic profile report

What will you get?

A better understanding of:

  • The results of your wellness genetic test that you may have done
  • Your personalised nutritional and dietary needs based on your nutrigenetic profile
  • How your body responds to various elements of physical training
  • How your genetics may influence your immune system
  • How genetics may influence your skin, sleep, hair or other aspects of your general health

Session duration

30 minutes.

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