Why can’t I schedule my consultation directly?

At Counselomix, we take every counselling session seriously and want to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from your consultation session, hence the need that you to request and not directly book your consultation. This allows us to review each request carefully, determine if the service is required for your case or request additional information to help us provide you with the best service. This process ensures that the counselling session is both effective and beneficial to you.

Is there any payment required prior to sending my request?

No, we do not prior to accepting the service. Once our team receives your consultation request, reviews it and determines that we can be of help, you will receive details to book the consultation, the cost thereof and a secure payment method to pay for your session.

How are consultations conducted?

All counselling sessions happen virtually, and are recorded for quality and training purposes. However, rest assured that your sessions are all confidential and no information will be shared or discussed with other Healthcare professionals without your consent and approval.

Are the consultants qualified?

All our counsellors are highly qualified and registered professionals within their fields of expertise.

What should I do during my consultation?

We highly recommend that you take notes especially for the details you find important or those you’d like to clarify about later on.

Do I receive any reports after my session?

After each consultation, our team will prepare a Consultation Summary Report that you can keep as a reference or use to discuss your options with other specialists and professionals.