What is ClinServgx®?

ClinServgx® is a unique clinical genetics service offered to our partners doctors, geneticists, and healthcare professionals who work with complex or unsolved clinical presentations with genetic elements. It combines state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis software, AI machine learning with the extensive genetics and clinical expertise of our clinical board to offer a unique solution for our partners to arrive at a probable diagnosis for the cases they handle.  ClinServgx® is offered as an independent service for already analysed genomic data or in combination with laboratory analysis services offered by our accredited labs.

Who can use the ClinServgx®?

Medical doctors, geneticists, healthcare institutions offering clinical services for patients and customers that have genetic element to their pathology or physiology.

How to use ClinServgx®?

  • Tell us about the case:
    • Type of Sample: Whole Exome, Clinical Exome, Whole Genome, Targeted Panel
    • Case Details: case history and presentation, lab and radiology workups, additional investigations done
  • Choose the type of service:
    • ClinServgx® Basic: A case review and consultation service, for cases that have medical and genetic investigations results. Our experts will review all case reports and may conduct a consultation session with the patient or treating physician to compile their recommendation report.
    • ClinServgx® Plus: Includes all the features in ClinServgx® basic plus optional genetic testing services at one of our approved and accredited labs.
    • ClinServgx® Pro: Dedicated service for healthcare institutions like hospitals and medical centers, where our team of experts offer periodic case review service to healthcare institutions. ClinServgx® Pro services include Molecular Tumor Board and Genetics Board services.
  • We will review the case and get back to you with our proposed approach within 2-4 business days

What is ClinServgx® approach?

ClinServgx® aims to support health practitioners in an effort to help their patients. We handle each case we get with utmost attention and care, however to arrive at the desired results, we need to work with the treating physician or institution to discuss the case and we may require further clinical and analytical information related to the case. ClinServgx® is a collaborative effort to help the patient.

How does ClinServgx® differ from a genetic analysis service by any lab?

ClinServgx® is not a laboratory service, but a clinical service offered by our experienced geneticists, counsellors and doctors. The service integrates the clinical presentations, genetics, signs, symptoms and other medical investigations of the patient; whereas a laboratory service or report is based on laboratory and bioinformatics analysis. ClinServgx® is one layer above that aiming at arriving at a better understanding of the medical condition including probably diagnosis.

What do I get at the end of the ClinServgx® service?

For each ClinServgx® service, we shall present the requesting physician or institution with a ClinServgx® Report that discusses the case, gives suggestions on the possible diagnoses, additional lab or investigation work required and our opinion of the case handled. This report is invaluable for the treating physician and can help the case greatly. We also offer after service consultation to the doctor and an optional genetic counselling to the patient.

How much does ClinServgx® service cost?

The cost of the service depends on the type of service required, the genetic analysis data and the additional work needed to assess and solve the case. Once you send us your request we will go ahead and assess the case and come back to you with the exact cost for the service to be offered